Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend Review

Not a bad start for the Railbird. Both the OC and Stephen Foster sported bumps and brushes as well as dead heats (for 3rd and 4th). They were out to get Einstien in the Foster. Leparoux can't be faulted, it was a scrum with Macho Again keeping clean on the outside and stealing the wire. Asiatic Boy ran well but collided with Einstien, both vying for the same hole in the stretch.

The Optional Claimer at Arlington lit a 4 figure tri on the board with only 7 runners in the field. Economic Bailout was pushed to the front, prolly thinking with the turn back in distance he would need to show more speed. He was burnt when the real running began -- let's hope this doenst portend anything about the other economic bailout. The race was really shaped by the brush on Oyster Bay by Cool C Note. They may have stepped on each other, they were close coming around the turn, both seemed loaded and both fizzled after contact.

Quite A Handful came away the victor, and proved aptly named, rushing to the front only to be brought back by J Bridgmohan where he could save ground. Cheers to trainer Hansen who gets his first win with this colt that's bred for the polytrack. Good thing the connex thought outside the box; he was full of fire in the final furlong. Oyster Bay's luck has to turn at some point.

My best pick was prolly for Cherokee Queen in the Possibly Perfect stakes on Saturday. He was able to set a glacial pace and steal this one. Jesse Campbell noted he was impressed with Cherokee Queen's ability to rate upfront. So a nice horse may be emerging, though this win was more of a steal than an act of dominance.

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  1. Follow the Queen...a good poker game...and it looks like a potentially profitable punt