Monday, September 14, 2009

Eddie Razo Ok. Slated to Ride on Thursday

With all the amazing real-time gadgets, Twitter feeds, "blogs" and jazzy information features, AP was still unable to release information about Eddie Razo who took a nasty spill on one of the favorites, Da Mamma, in the 6th on Saturday.

I understand the red-script magnolias that spell ARLINGTON at the entrance are what the track would rather you see and smell than the backside, but wouldn't it have been a refreshing headline: "Jock Ok After Nasty Spill"? Who doesn't want to read that? Arlington knows well how attentive it needs to be to its PR, hence all the technological gadgetry it hopes can somehow mitigate the risks and realities of racing. A fool's gambit, even they know this. Maybe they think these technologies can wipe away the idea that they are not on top of things. This fancy track, these fancy features all act as hedge against how they are perceived. But these technologies can backfire and draw more attention to their superficiality and the institutional callousness they spring out of if not used well.

Ok, ok the Railbird should pull back from this screed just a bit. It's not like all these Twiiter feeds and whatnot are evil, and I don't hate AP for trying to "up" their offer, and yeah the line about the magnolias was a cheap shot -- truth told I'm not even sure they're magnolias. Let's redirect with just a simple note to track management:

We fans care about the welfare of the jockeys and animnals we cheer for. Please let us know, if, God forbid, there is an accident, how they are doing.

That's all. Someone help me down from this soap box.


  1. What happened to Da Mamma? Was she put down? It looked that way from where I was sitting. What happened during the race that caused the fall? The announcer didn't even mention her and I can't find anything about her on the net.

    I hadn't been to the races since 1973, then went three times this summer--basically, to see Silverfoot. This past Saturday I went to see Ansong, but the first horse I encountered in the paddock as I arrived at the track was Da Mamma. Is it possible that she did survive? I can only hope.

  2. Thanks for your post. Unfortunately the accident was catastrophic for Da Mama, and she had to be euthanized.

    By Johar (Gone West) and out of Miami Momma, the bay filly won 3 of her 4 races for the Amoss barn.

    I'm a big Silverfoot fan, as you can probably tell from the cover photo. And it looks like you had the right horse in Ansong.

  3. Thanks for the information about Da Mama, even though it's heartbreaking. I wish Arlington Park, and all tracks, would acknowledge horse injuries and deaths and show some respect.

    Of course, I really wish there were no injuries or deaths.