Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rainy Hawthorne

The Golden Rail. Old-time cappers sniff like pigs before truffles for it, bemoan synthetics for not availing it -- though not totally true. Yesterday, at Hawthorne, you needed to be on the inside. The 1 or 2 horse figured in just about every exacta and only one horse hit the wire outside of the rail slot.

The safety rail hangs a nice shadow over the inside lane of the track, making it dry more slowly and play much quicker. Wednesday railbirds need to be aware of this, if there's been rain beware the glistening rail.


  1. Is that Jean Lorenz?

    Maybe it's a retro of Bonny Brown.

    Speaking of which, whatever happened to her?

  2. I'm still trying to find out. She's not there every day, just for big days. She works at Arlington too. If there's a glass ceiling over the bugler spot, it's been shattered here in Chicago.

  3. did the Railbird snout out the rail.....or was this a post mordem analysis?

  4. I did not. I guess I'd gotten to friendly with the polytrack. That'll teach me.