Friday, March 30, 2012

Florida Derby

The Florida Derby is the prep race. It gave us Big Brown and Barbaro recently. What will it give us this year? Readers of the Bird will know where I sit. I think Union Rags looks otherworldly. Someone pointed out that his eyes are unique, that they show a lot of white, and I guess this is common in Northern Dancers. It's dramatic, points to some sort of inner fire or conflict and yet there's nothing about him or the way he races that suggests anything but a laid back horse, happy to just stand and be saddled.

Of course, The godfather,  El Padrino, or Elvis as he's known around the barn probably won't let Union Rags walk all over the field as he did in the Fountain of Youth. El Padrino is an excellent horse and it's great to see him in this race. He's beautifully bred and has dispatched some tough competition, including Take Charge Indy who also lines up in this affair.

I wish I had some incisive logic to bring to this race, but I don't. My heart and head are aligned and they have no unique vision to light up the tote with. I come as a fan and can't wait to see this race.

Union Rags
El Padrino
Take Charge Indy

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