Friday, August 17, 2012

Speed and Little Mike

I've always liked Little Mike. I think fans of the sod have been waiting for this overachiever to be run down. He has defied his limitations of class and distance in the past and gets the nation's top jock in the irons at Arlington -- a course that has liked front runners this meet. Is this another Dale Roman's horse that will return double digit odds? I don't think so. I think cappers should be weary of his limitations. Still, having him in this changes the dynamic of the race drastically. Unless, Romans decides a change of tack with this speedster.  He would have to steal this race. Is it possible he dawdles on the lead? Probably not. Having drawn the rail, Rahystrada is gonna have to be be sent and I think Wilcox Inn is going to challenge early as well and Cherokee Lord would be in the front vanguard as well.

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