Wednesday, June 4, 2014

All Eyes on California Chrome

I'm afraid to loop into the excitement. I'm just gonna try to play it wisely -- like nothing ever surprises me. (I think that's a Wu-Tang lyric). California Chrome has one obstacle left. He's already beaten every prospect in this field, according to the Morning Line (everyone under like 30-1). He's won his last 6 in a row with three G1s. There's only one other horse with even one G1 in this field. It's rare to see race resumes so disparate. But that's the trap right? That's how your heart gets crushed.   

If you want to look beyond Chrome I would recommend Medal Count, but demand at least 16-1! This horse has not won on dirt, but his pedigree is nice for the mile and a half test. He may follow in the footsteps of Palace Malice and use his place in the Blue Grass towards a victory in the Belmont. 

Don't use Wicked Strong. This is a horse that was impeded in the Derby, but would not have caught Chrome. And don't think that closers want more distance. The truth is they're just as sensitive to it. You won't get any value on him, and people are going to flock to him for the wrong reasons. 

Ride on Curlin is getting rave reviews, but he's an allowance winner turned into a herd animal. He's been hitting the minor money all year now and has shown no predilection to gut it out for the win. 

I'll post my tris and supers later in the week.